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What happens to us does not define us. How we respond, does.” – Coach Katy

I help people live more purposeful authentic lives based on what’s important to them so that by thriving and doing their best at what they are passionate about, the world is a better place. I offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions and small group retreats based on a lifetime of ongoing interdisciplinary learning and skills-based training.

Awareness – Reflection – Skill Building – Integration – Practice

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Camp Katy was created as a response to COVID19 at the beginning of quarantining. My daughter and I put it together, tweaked it, and used it as a way to cope, take care of ourselves and direct our lives in the healthiest way possible based on what was important to us and what we wanted to focus on. From there, it became another tool for me as a Gestalt Coach to help people. I offer a variety of one on one and small group retreats based on what is important now. We explore the issue or topic using interdisciplinary tools and activities based on a coaching framework.

Retreat – Reimagine – Reconnect

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Throughout my life, I have worked in helping, teaching/training, and hospitality professions. Becoming a Gestalt Professional Certified CoachTM was a natural and timely fit. Those I work with inspire me and vice versa. Together, we work hard, stay curious, creative, and have a lot of fun too.

I am a student of life. My most valued character trait is integrity. I am known for my courage, leadership, compassion, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness. I am a spiritual person that has practiced in the Episcopal Christian tradition for most of my life. I practice mindfulness, meditation, and radical acceptance every day. I have always been committed to decency, civility, and respect for every person, every animal, and the planet.

I enjoy being outside – fireside/poolside with friends/family, doing yard work, and hiking. I love to read, travel, learn new things, listen to music, watch true-crime series, cook, and other creative outlets. I have two amazing daughters, two adorable grandchildren as well as a beloved dog.


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Gestalt Coaching

The Gestalt Coaching Certification Program is an established International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), as well as accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).

“A Gestalt coach believes the person is healthy and whole having the capacity, resources, and ability to change. The focus is on strengthening the person’s capacity to improve and expand the quality, adaptability, effectiveness, and well-being in his/her/their personal and professional life. In this way, the person moves from dilemmas to new possibilities, from resistance to action, and from struggle to success.

The Gestalt approach to coaching is a dynamic, holistic, and creative approach to coaching. Based on the Gestalt Coaching StanceTM, unique to the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, the Program is dedicated to building capacity for coaching presence and its impact, while deepening coaching knowledge and skills.

The Gestalt Coaching StanceTM is a transformation, strength-based, capacity-building, empowering, and relationship person-centered approach. It promotes a dynamic and creative partnership intended to increase awareness thereby increasing possibilities and choice.

The synergy among the Gestalt concepts and methods used enables the coach to go beyond surface issues and mere problem-solving. They promote richer conversations empowering the person to go deeper in their self-discovery journey, which leads to more sustainable positive change.”

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ICF Core Competencies

ICF Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards

What Coaching is Not & Disclaimer

Coaching is not therapy and it can be transformative, life-changing, and cathartic. Coaches do not diagnose or treat any mental or physical illness. Coaches believe you are healthy and whole. Coaches can work alongside a licensed therapist and/or physician based on what is in the best interests of the client, holistically. What level of effort you put into your coaching session(s) will be what you get out of them.

My continued education and professional development

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly vetting science/research-based best practices for myself, my family, and my clients on an ongoing basis. I do not recommend anything that I have not tried myself. I integrate what is topical and helpful into my coaching sessions and retreats. Click on my LinkedIn Profile below to find out what I am currently enrolled in and what I have received certification from and/or completed.

Certifications and Training Programs


What people say about me

“Katy is one of the hardest working people I know” – EM

“I’m still using skills and practices we worked on together!” – LJ

“Katy, you are a sparkplug of joy.” – HL

“Katy is one of the most self-aware and non-judgmental adults I know.” – BP

“Katy has incredible energy and such a positive vibe.” – GE

“Katy is a patient listener and I know she will keep what I say to her confidential.” – LB


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